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Apart from personal data, LEV PROPERTIES, SCP may also obtain additional information, including by using cookies. The LEVPROPERTIESBCN.COM website uses its own and third-party cookies to facilitate the navigation of the site, analyze data, improve efficiency and personalize the services offered to users.

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Purpose and Types of Cookies

A cookie is a file that is temporarily stored in your browser folder on your hard drive when you browse through certain web pages. It contains information about your preferences and interests that can be used for selection of products and services useful to you. Cookies used on WWW.LEVPROPERTIESBCN.COM are related only to an anonymous user and his/her computer; they do not contain links allowing to identify the user, and cannot read information from his/her hard drive or infect his/her computer with viruses.




Own cookies

These are used and can only be read by our site and provide a more efficient site operation with regard to the service requested

Third-party cookies

These are used and managed by organizations services of which we use on our site (e.g. analytical services, YouTube, etc.). 

Cookies collected and managed by a third-party cannot be considered own cookies



Session cookies

These are collected when the User browses the network for the purpose of provision of the requested service and cease to exist as soon as you close your browser (or stay inactive for a certain period of time)

Persistent cookies

These are stored after closing the browser (legally, for a period of no more than 6 months), contain information necessary for provision of the requested service, such as your passwords and login data (so you do not have to enter them each time)


Technical cookies

These are required for proper site navigation.

Personalized cookies

These cookies allow the User to personalize the characteristics (language) when browsing the website

Analytical cookies

These cookies allow analyzing user navigation and keeping statistics of the most visited pages of the site

Advertising cookies

These cookies register your visits to the Website — the pages you have visited and the links you have followed — to make advertising displayed on the site more relevant to your interests

Behavioural advertising cookies

These cookies allow selecting a place for advertising on the Website based on your habits and preferences


In addition, third-party cookies may be enabled on the user’s computer to allow using of services of other suppliers, as well as access to various social networks and Internet platforms. However, LEV PROPERTIES, SCP is not responsible for the content, offers, products or services that can be found by the User on third-party websites.

Cookies Settings in Different Browsers and on Different Devices

If you do not want cookies to be enabled on your computer or other device, you can change your browser settings accordingly. For information on how to change the currently used configuration, see the Help section of the browser used. You should read the warning about the consequences of disabling cookies.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies or warn you about their use. If you use multiple browsers to access our site, you need to adjust settings as appropriate for each browser on each device.

Below are links to information on how to manage cookies in each browser and on different devices:

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For additional detailed information on how to set up cookies for different suppliers or how to manage your settings, visit the Your Online Choices portal at

Disabling Cookies.  Warning

The user may voluntarily decide on the use of cookies by WWW.LEVPROPERTIESBCN.COM on his/her hard drive. The User may exercise his/her right to accept, prevent and disable cookies at any time.

If you set your browser to disable all cookies or explicitly disable the WWW.LEVPROPERTIESBCN.COM cookies, you will still be able to navigate the site. However, in such case we will not be able to guarantee the correct operation of certain utilities on the Internet: there may be difficulties in navigating the Website, as well as limitations on some services that require cookies.

In any case, the User can always delete cookies from the WWW.LEVPROPERTIESBCN.COM file stored on his/her hard drive by following the established procedure in the Help section of his/her browser.

If you have any questions about the Cookie Policy of LEV PROPERTIES, SCP, you can reach us by email at or by phone at +34 932 758 426, +34 660 061 706.