Cafe. Business sale

150 000€

c / roger de flor, 49

Purchase price - € 150,000 / rental price per month - € 1,009

Beautiful bar-restaurant (C2 license) is located in a historical building, which is located in the very heart of elite Eixample Dreta district, two streets from Paseo de Gracia. This building is under protection of Barcelona municipality as a national cultural treasure and is well known to tourists.

The premise is 50 m2 and occupies 2 floors: a terrace with a license for 3 tables and 12 chairs (currently furnished); bar counter, equipped with coffee maker, beer tap, cash register and dishwasher; room with tables for visitors; warehouse.

It has recently been renovated. Following the artistic line of the building, one of the interior walls was decorated with a mural in surrealistic style, with a size of, approximately, 4x4 m. Glass facade attracts attention and allows you to see the interior of the premise.

The bar-restaurant is located in the business district with many offices and schools. Its convenient location ensures a large flow of visitors throughout the day - tourists, local residents (including regular customers).

The premise has air conditioning and a projector, a new automatic door, as well as an alarm system, which has been paid until 2021. The cost of rent is EUR 1,009 per month, including VAT, and the contract - for 10 years. In case of redemption, the cost will be EUR 150,000.

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